Sunday, April 28, 2013

Want to be a beta reader?

I have two projects that I need to have other people read. If you are interested, please contact me on twitter @KaylaCurry1 or facebook

Beta readers needed for Moonstone: Mystic Stones Series #2 (This story follows another set of characters. If you have not read Obsidian, you can still read this one without spoilers from the first book) (67,000 words) I need 2 or 3 readers for this one.

At a hotel in Richmond, Virginia a chance meeting occurs between Aila Myles and Dorin Dimir. Aila sees Dorin as a hansom foreigner with charming ways. Dorin sees Aila as his next meal.

The only problem? Aila wears a protective ring that keeps her safe from monsters she didn’t even know existed—monsters like Dorin. Unfortunately, the curse he shares with his brother makes it even more difficult to take blood from unsuspecting prey, but as Dorin pursues Aila, he finds that he’s having strange feelings for the first time in over one hundred years.

Dorin and Aila’s affair isn’t as private as they thought. It’s also the concern of his brother and the powerful Vampire Emperor. Can Dorin have his cake and eat it too? Or will Aila prove to be more than a menu item?

Beta readers also needed for a short story. The first in my new Vibe series: Vibe: Grey Apathy. (Sci-fi, mystery/crime, dystopian) (Just under 8,000 words) I need 3 or 4 readers for this one.

Welcome to a world where emotions have become weapons, currency and livelihood. Welcome to Vibe.

Greys feed on apathy. The only problem with that is they sometimes soak up so much apathy, they experience the emotion so strongly that they can't make themselves do anything. Even feeding becomes a chore that may or may not get done. Everyone knows you can't feed on your own emotion. So if you're isolated enough, you could end up drained.

Prism is a detective with problems of her own. She's been off the job for a while, but now she's back and working with a transfer named Atramen on the case of the drained grey. Being a color wheel has its advantages and disadvantages. The power to make anyone feel any emotion you want them to is a pro, but being bombarded 24/7 with the emotions of others is most definitely a con. Can Prism and Atramen find the killer and overcome the obstacles associated with a new partnership?