Saturday, April 27, 2013

On this day in Moonstone . . . #2

I'm preparing my second book of the Mystic Stones Series for release, and the story just happens to begin on April 26, 2013! So, until the 30th I'll be releasing an unedited excerpt of Moonstone each day. Each excerpt will take place on the same day it actually takes place in the book!

So, on April 27, 2013 in Moonstone, this happens . . .

Aila had been extremely impressed by Dorin’s efforts today. The amount of money he must have spent had to be enormous. She wondered why he would do such a thing for a woman he’d just met. Perhaps he did this with a lot of women. They were headed back to the hotel, so she would have to figure it out soon. She hated herself for the questions she was about to ask, but promised herself that if the answers were right, she’d find a way to bring back the romantic mood of the evening.

“Dorin,” Aila began, “Why did you go to such lengths to impress me tonight?”

He was obviously caught off guard by the question but he answered, “Honestly, there is something about you that draws me in—makes me want to see you smile. You are so different than Romanian women and American women. I can’t explain my attraction, it’s just—Ai aprins flacarea in inima mea—you’ve lighted up the fire in my heart.”

Aila couldn’t believe her ears. He had the perfect answer, the fact that she’d doubted him made her feel like she’d been untrusting without reason. She did the only thing she could think of to make up for her silly inquiry. In the backseat of the hired car, with the privacy window up, she kissed him with more passion than she’d ever experienced before. He kissed her back with as much power and passion as she’d wanted.