Sunday, April 28, 2013

On this day in Moonstone . . . #3

I'm preparing my second book of the Mystic Stones Series for release, and the story just happens to begin on April 26, 2013! So, until the 30th I'll be releasing an unedited excerpt of Moonstone each day. Each excerpt will take place on the same day it actually takes place in the book!

So, on April 28, 2013 in Moonstone, this happens . . .

Once they were back in the hotel, Dorin and Aila ended up in her room watching movies and eventually ordering some room service. They cuddled on her couch and talked more than they watched, but Dorin didn’t care. He just wanted to know her. He needed to know every detail of her life. They asked each other questions about their favorite things and past experiences. Dorin tried to be as truthful as he could, but he couldn’t reveal everything quite yet. He planned to tell her before they arrived in Miami, but the time wasn’t right tonight.

At some point, Aila fell asleep on the couch nestled against his chest. He debated staying with her through the night, but at lunch she’d made it clear that she wasn’t quite ready for that yet, so he gently picked her up and placed her in her bed. Before he left, he wrote a note to her and left it on her table, kissing her forehead before leaving her room for his.

His thirst returned, his emergency blood had not lasted long and he needed blood before their trip tomorrow. He couldn’t make himself hurt another innocent person. The thought of going to the crime riddled side of town and drinking from someone who deserved to die hit him. But, the taste of a man’s blood was unappetizing and so was the thought of hurting any woman no matter how horrible a human she was. This repulsion was new to him, as if a switch had been flipped. He’d become one of those vampires that break into local blood banks. He flipped open the phone book in his room to search for a Red Cross.