Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A to Z Challenge - Day 2: B is for Big Foot!

Hey guys! This month is going to be awesome because I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge. That means I'll be posting every day but Sundays on a letter themed topic and I'm going to try to involve the paranormal as much as possible.

The paranormal beings for today are the Banshee and Big Foot! Banshee are beings who cry out in the night to warn others of death. That makes them have something in common with Big Foot, who is often said to call out in the night. Perhaps these two creatures are closer in relation than they seem? Any books with Banshees or Big Foots in them? I have yet to read any, although I'm sure they exist . . . the books that is. Undecided about the beings themselves. How about you?

Now for some books that begin with "B"

Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule
Bitten by Dan O'Brien

Some authors who have a last name starting with "B"

Jennifer M. Barry
Allison Blanchard
Jason Andrew Bond
S.M. Boyce
Angela Brown
Lissa Bryan
Andrea Buginsky
SJ Byrne

Lastly, here are some characters with a first name starting with "B"

Braedin Drakonin-Lichgates by S. M. Boyce (Lichgates is FREE)
Bugs-Revamp by Beck Sherman