Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z Challenge - Day 14: N is for Naiad!

Hey guys! This month is going to be awesome because I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge. That means I'll be posting every day but Sundays on a letter themed topic and I'm going to try to involve the paranormal as much as possible.

The paranormal beings for today are the Naiad and the Noggle. The Naiad is a kind of Nymph (which could be #3 for today) that has power over bodies of fresh water. The Noggle is a small supernatural horse that has powers. I believe I've heard of the Naiad at some point. I ca't remember where though. The Noggle, however is new to me, but very interesting. I must do more research!

Now for the "N" books:

Nature's Unbalance (The Chosen) by Andrea Buginsky
Neverlove by Angela Brown
No Write to Die by Tom Immins
Nocturnal Embers Anthology by Various Authors
NOIF: A Mind Blowing Short Story Collection by Tuan Ho

"N" authors . . . Luckily I've come into contact with one today. I believe she is the first indie author with a last name beginning with "N' I've met.

And here are the "N" characters:

Nalani-Obsidian by Kayla Curry
Nikolaus Jarvings-Mirrors of Anguish by R.P. Kraul