Monday, April 29, 2013

A to Z Challenge - Day 25: X and Y!

Hey guys! This month is going to be awesome because I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge. That means I'll be posting every day but Sundays on a letter themed topic and I'm going to try to involve the paranormal as much as possible.

I was sick on Friday night and couldn't do the X post for Saturday, so I combined X and Y for today's post!

The paranormal beings for today are the Xloptuny and the Yeti. The yeti is basically the Arctic version of BigFoot. It's white, fury and large. The yeti originated in the Himalayas but has since been spotted elsewhere.

An xloptuny is a sorcerer who possesses the bodies of humans. I'm pretty sure I have heard a story of a man   who was a sorcerer. He did not want to die and he found a way to live forever by bouncing from body to body. He would leave the body just before the human he possessed died. He could live forever as long as he was not still in the body when it died.

On to the "Y" author:

Cindy Young-Turner

It seems that is all I have today. See you tomorrow for the last day of the A to Z Challenge!!