Monday, November 12, 2012

NaNoWriMonday Update!

Hey guys! sorry the post is so late. I was too busy writing last night to remember to do this post!

Anyways, I have 12,079 words so far. I'm a little behind, but I plan on getting caught up over the next few days. I worte like a crazy person yesterday.

Some great news: I have a new found direction. Things have FINALLY clicked into place and I know how the book I'm working on and how the series is going to end!! I am so excited about that. I think anyone who reads the Mystic Stones Series will LOVE how it ends.

I struggled for a few days because I was feeling inspired in a different way than writing inspired. It's something that I deal with all the time. I start a project and then I just have an idea or a desire to do something else. Eventually, I was able to vent the other creative side of me and then I put down about 4,000 words after that.

So, how are you doing? Have you gotten stuck? How did you get unstuck, or have you yet? A great way to get inspiration or seek help is to go to the forums! NaNoWriMo is about helping out each other!