Monday, November 19, 2012

FREE Journey in an Unknown Land!

No, sorry, I am not giving away a trip to Mexico or anything like that. BUT you can get my short story, Journey in an Unknown Land for FREE today through Friday. Grab your copy HERE!

It's actually pretty appropriate for Thanksgiving in some ways. Here is the blurb:

A troop goes into a land they've only heard of to gather food for their families. Little do they know the stories they've heard don't do it justice. The land is terrifying and strange with danger lurking beyond every corner. Will they survive this fateful trip?
Grab this story and read it to your family at Thanksgiving, I'm sure you will all get a laugh!

The cover was designed by . . . myself. You'll understand the cover once you've read the story. If you like Journey in an Unknown Land, feel free to pick up my horror short story Oomph! and my paranormal fantasy novel Obsidian: Mystic Stones Series #1.