Monday, October 1, 2012

Vampire Month! Featuring Rebecca Hamilton's The Forever Girl and Her Sweetest Downfall!

Vampire Month!

It's Vampire month on Paranormal Lounge! All month long I'll be featuring authors of vampire books and their work with interviews, reviews and more! I'll be wrapping it all up with an in-depth feature on Obsidian, my debut novel! So, sit down and read all about those bloodsucking creatures we love to hate!
First up for Vampire Month we have Rebecca Hamilton and her books, The Forever Girl and Her Sweetest Downfall.  I interviewed Rebecca about the type of vampires she writes about and I have a review of each one after the interview!

Before I jump into the interview, I have to tell you that Her Sweetest Downfall is available for FREE October 1st - 3rd!

The Forever Girl is only $2.99 so grab them both!
How are the vampires in your world different from others?

The Cruor in my novel are most like the legends of vampires that we know today. They can be killed by direct sunlight, staking, and decapitation. Where they differ are in their myths. For example, that the first Cruor were humans who were mistakenly buried alive. Or that they narcissus is a good vampire repellent, and how this knowledge came to be know :)
Do the vampires in your world possess any of the traditional vampire traits? No reflection? Burning in the sun? Being immortal? Aversion to crosses, holy water and/or garlic? Turning into a bat? Killed by a wooden stake? Fangs? Other?
Traditional traits include immortality, burning in the sun, fangs, and being killed by staking.Why did you choose to write about vampires?
Because I'm a lemming! No, but really, I have no idea. I didn't really "choose" to do it so much as I sat down to write and that is what came out.Do you remember the first vampire story you read in a book or watched on a movie or television show?
What makes vampire stories appealing in today’s pop culture?
I think they're just fun. They can be sexy or terrifying, or sometimes both. They can create a sense of danger in a story just as easily as they can create a sense of lust and desire (not always sexual, but hey, sometimes that too!) I think those things are fun and fascinating to read about.

If someone were to see one of your vampires on the street, what would their reaction be? Fear? Attraction? No unique reaction from that of seeing a human?

Depends WHEN they saw them on the street, but in general, most times they wouldn't know what they'd seen, though they might still have a sense of fear that they can't explain.

And now, my review of The Forever Girl:
The Forever Girl is a great book that does a great job at showcasing Wicca as the emerging religion that it is. It's easy to see that Wicca is conceived as a cult religion, but the author shows us that it is in fact a nature based religion. I also thought that her take on vampires was incredibly unique and the fact that she pulled from each of the five elements to explain the beings in this series is great.

The story line is exciting and original, and everything eventually comes to light at the end. I saw no plot holes, which is wonderful and the romance in the novel is subtle yet strong--just the way I like it. I like novels that have a good deal of romance, but aren't completely consumed by it.

The characters are well-developed and fun to get to know. You can invest in their problems and care about them easily.

The story follows Sophia and has good pacing. Twists and turns keep you interested. I read this book very quickly because I just didn'y want to put it down. It's great for any fan of the paranormal.

Lastly, my review of Her Sweetest Downfall:
I loved The Forever Girl and I loved Her Sweetest Downfall.

Her Sweetest Downfall is a wonderful story that gives a behind the scenes look at The Forever Girl. It follows different characters in a different time but it will all tie in to Hamilton's master plan.

The characters are well-developed, the plot is paced perfectly for a novella, and the romance in this book rings true.  I almost cried at one point, that's how real the romance feels when reading Her Sweetest Downfall.

The characters fit their time. Often you see characters that seem too modern to be in the past, but that is not the case here, Hamilton takes you back in time.

I can't wait for the next book in this series, I am a true fan.

Tune back in on Wednesday when Sophia from The Forever Girl makes an appearance for Character of the Week!

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