Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Character of the Week! Vigilare from the Vigilare Series!

Character of the Week

Books Vigilare appears in:
Vigilare and Vigilare: Hell Hound by Brooklyn James



 Vigilare is half-human/half-Vigilare with paranormal abilities, linked to her having Rh-negative blood factor.

Short description of Vigilare:
I am 5' 10", athletic, and have sparkling emerald green eyes when engaged by evil. Guess you could say, I have super powers. Kind of like Wonder Woman, only I am no superhero, I assure you. I dress in black from head to toe so as to blend in with the night. I believe in justice, an eye for an eye. My assignment is autonomic. I do not choose my role, it chooses me. I have visions of a man and a boy, yet I don't understand them. Maybe if I could understand them and my past, I would know why I am the Vigilare.

Five words that describe Vigilare's personality:
Vigilant, Anti-hero, Jaded, Conflicted, Sharp

 A quote from Vigilare:
“This is what I do,
I sit. I watch. I wait. But, I don't know why.
As autonomic as taking a breath, a divine assignment,
Too compelling to defy.”

Tips on how to write realistic characters from Brooklyn James:
Live a diverse life. As writers, I believe we write what we know. What we're inspired by. Essentially, I think we write largely based on our experiences. We then take those experiences and people we've met along the way, and insert our imagination, and voila...our characters are born. If you want to write realistic characters, I would suggest living a diverse life so you compile a nice arsenal of 'real life' characters to pull from and expand on.

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