Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obsidian and the Mystic Stones Series facts and fun!

Today I'm going to tell you a bit about the Mystic Stones Series world.

In this world, vampires run a corporation that advances in technology. Before the virus, it is unknown that vampires exist, let alone run a world wide company. The corporation is called Psytech and eventually, they take away the technology that they have provided over the years by shutting down the satellites orbiting the earth. This takes away all cell phones, computers, planes, trains and some newer cars. Anything that can connect to a satellite is infected. They plan to let humans sweat it out a bit, then they will unleash their plan to control humans by making them give blood in return for a virus blocker.

There are also witches in this world. They aren't seen much in Obsidian. Well, they aren't seen at all--only mentioned. But I promise Moonstone (Book 2) and especially Amethyst (Book 3) will have lots of witch action along with Bloodstone (Book 5). Emerald (Book 4) will also mention witches and you'll even get to meet one, but they will not be a main focus. The witches in the Mystic Stones Series have quite the arsenal of powers, however, most witches specialize in a certain area of magic. You'll learn more about this in Amethyst and a little in Moonstone. Some witches, known as half-witches do not have as much power as full-blooded witches. Witches must study the craft in order to obtain powers.

Other beings? Well, those are secrets. I don't want to give away any spoilers do I? But, if you don't care much about spoilers, you can visit the Official Mystic Stones Site. There are options on there to click on links with spoilers and links without spoilers, so feel free to explore that site. I will be updating it with new material monthly or possibly more often.

Okay, we got some facts out, now for some fun!

First I'd like to reveal the new trailer I made for Obsidian:

In Obsidian, you will meet Hiu. A native Hawaiian with a yacht he uses to give mini-cruises around the Big Island. This becomes the groups' temporary home-base as they fight the vampires.
Explore Hiu's boat!

In Moonstone, the main characters go to the Science Museum of Virginia. If you are a science nerd like me, then you will enjoy looking through some of the exhibits the characters would have seen on their trip by exploring the Science Museum of Virginia website!

Okay, now the really fun part. I'll be writing Amethyst for Nanowrimo. I've decided that YOU get to decide how it starts!

Option 1: Chase Scene. Disa, the main character is working to decode an ancient artifact with her friends, but if the government finds out they uncovered the artifact on government land without permission, they could be in big trouble and have the artifact taken away. Suddenly, their safe house is compromised and invaded. Disa runs, but is caught by a man claiming to be a government agent. She soon finds out he's not exactly being honest.

Option 2: Bank Heist. Disa is working at a bank when suddenly men come bursting through the doors with guns. It turns into a hostage situation as they try to find out what safe-deposit box the ancient artifact is in. Disa is forced to help track down the object. With her help they find it, but it turns out they may need her for more than just finding the object, they need her to unlock the magic inside it.

Okay, so if you want to help decide how the beginning of Amethyst will go, put your opinion in the comments field below! I'll tally up the votes when I start to write!

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