Monday, October 15, 2012


Trick or Tweet, smell my feet, give me something good to read!

Alright! It's almost Halloween and that means it's time for treats! I don't have any candy for you. Well, maybe I will, but you have to enter the Trick-or-Tweet Giveaway for your chance to get it! Other than candy there are over 40 prizes donated by eleven authors on this giveaway blog-hop. Prizes include signed print editions possibly with some swag and free e-books.

There will be Halloween posts on the blogs so make sure to hop around and read them. Speaking of Halloween posts, I found a news story for you all to read from about 20 years ago. (Okay, it's actually from like eight years ago when I was in Beginning Journalism, but the real event happened about 20 years ago. There wasn't actually a news story.)

A Late Scare
Halloween ended two weeks ago, or so most people thought. Apparently, it's not over for a local family on the 600's block of Elm Street.
Laura Magnuson, 27, went to take out the trash with her 4-year-old daughter, Kayla. When she turned around, Kayla was nowhere to be seen. After a few frantic moments, Magnuson saw exactly where she had gone.
"It was our first year Trick-or-Treating," Magnuson said, "I guess she thought she needed some candy." Little Kayla was at the neighbors' house, trying to Trick-or-Treat.
Marci Jones was sitting in her living room watching television when she heard a quiet knock on her door. "I almost didn't even see her," Jones said, "Imagine my surprise when I looked down to see a little face saying 'Trick-or-Treat!"
Jones happened to have some left-over candy from two-weeks prior. She decided to give it to Kayla for being so nice and saying, "please."
In case any of you were wondering what I was wearing that Halloween, it was this:
Apparently, as a youngster, I thought pretty highly of myself and dressed like a princess, not once . . .

Not twice . . .

 But three times. That's my sister as a Bumble-bee. I was the only one of my mothers' children who escaped the Bumble-bee costume. That doesn't mean she didn't have her share of fun on my behalf though:

I liked this one for a little while. After all, cats are my favorite animal.

Then I realized I had to go out in public dressed like this.  It's not like I didn't pick some ridiculous costumes for myself.

Apparently, the blue lipstick means I'm a dead cheerleader? IDK. That's my sister in her only princess costume and my brother as a frog. Yes, that is a Bumble-bee on his hat, but don't worry, he was a Bumble-bee once too, as was my youngest brother.


It's time to Trick-or-Tweet! Make sure you don't make my mistake and go too late! Entries run from today through midnight on the 31st with winners announced at noon on the 31st! Enter to win one of 40 prizes donated by ten awesome authors! Trick-or-Tweet your way to a signed print book or e-book! Some mail-out prizes even include candy and swag! Winners are chosen on Halloween with the announcement made at noon, right here on Paranormal Lounge. E-mails will be sent to the winners and prizes will be given on a first come-first-serve basis. Remember to tweet every day to up your chances of winning! In the meantime, go door-to-door and ring the bells on these blogs to read fun Halloween posts.

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  1. Another day another doorbell, I mean blog...

  2. Hi, Breila! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. All hail Princess Kayla. ;) I love photos of people when they were younger. I wish my pictures weren't boxed up in Alaska. I want to scan and share! I dressed as the devil. Mwa,ha,ha,ha.

  4. Ha ha, I was a devil once too, but I didn't want to post that picture since my ex was in the shot. Yuck. So not going there.

    My scanner wasn't working so I actually had to take a picture of the pictures and put them up. They turned out pretty good though.