Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Character of the Week! Sophia from The Forever Girl

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Character of the Week


Picture of Sophia, voted on by fans of
The Forever Girl on Facebook.


Book Sophia appears in:

The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton




 A short description of Sophia:
Sophia is a young Wiccan (both in age and journey). She’s an outcast in her home town, and has a complicated family history. A hissing noise in her head has been a constant annoyance for the fast four years, and when it finally becomes too much to handle, she decides to turn to her Wiccan faith to find a cure.

 Five words that describeSophia's personality:
Contemplative, Cautious, Self-Deprecating, Conflicted, Quirky

A quote from Sophia:
“Who you are means more to me than what you are…”

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