Monday, October 29, 2012

Vampire Month! Featuring Obsidian: Mystic Stones Series #1

Vampire Month wraps up this week!

Okay. I admit it. I interviewed myself. I am doing some self-promotion this week. I feel like I deserve it everyonce in a while, so that is what I'm doing. Today, you get to find out about the vampires in Obsidian. Tomorrow, there will be another post about Obsidian and the series in general. Then, on Wednesday, you get to meet Tom Walker for Character of the Week!

I asked myself the same questions I asked Rebecca Hamilton, Wynne Channing, Beck Sherman and Thomas Winship. You see, Obsidian and the upcoming books in the Mystic Stones Series are like these other books I've featured because they are all different takes on vampires. The aforementioned authors all have a unique view on the way vampires should be. That is the beauty of fiction--you can make anything you want! So, here are the vampire specs of Obsidian and the Mystic Stones Series.

How are the vampires in your world different from others?

The vampires in Obsidian can only be killed by obsidian piercing their heart. Obsidian anywhere else will only wound them temporarily. They are also unable to harm a human wearing a protective ring carved from a seashell with an obsidian dagger that has killed a vampire. Vampires are in a sort of training stage for the first two years of their vampire life. During this time their eyes are bright green. Once the vampire is about two years old, their eyes change to either blue or brown.
As vampires get older they develop more powers. I can only reveal two of those powers right now, because I don't want to spoil Moonstone for you. First comes the ability to drink animal blood--no sooner then 75 years old. Then the ability to see through walls--no sooner than 100 years old. Seeing through walls, or x-ray vision, works somewhat like bat-sonar. The vampire uses reverberating sounds to get a picture of what is going on in the next room.

Do the vampires in your world possess any of the traditional vampire traits? No reflection? Burning in the sun? Being immortal? Aversion to crosses, holy water and/or garlic? Turning into a bat? Killed by a wooden stake? Fangs? Other?

My vampires are immortal, they have fangs, but other than that, they are pretty non-traditional. They are pale-skinned. Their skin gets more and more pale as they age. This is because the sun does not effect them as it did when they were alive. Along with developing powers, all vampires come equipped with super strength, hearing, eyesight, speed, taste and smell. In return they lose they are not as alert to changes of temperature, which could be good or bad.

Why did you choose to write about vampires?

I like writing about vampires and other beings who hold something magical about them. I think it's fun to write about characters who not only have human emotions, but also have the added stress of dealing with being different in some way.

Do you remember the first vampire story you read in a book or watched on a movie or television show?

I don't remember the very first one. It must have been a book I read in my early childhood, because I've always been drawn to the dark and unknown. Vampires, witches, and ghosts have always been interesting to me.

What makes vampire stories appealing in today’s pop culture?

I think the vampires in today's literature and media are part of a phenomenon that takes us to another world. By watching or reading about these creatures, we leave are mundane life for a more exciting world, even if it's only for a short period of time.

If someone were to see one of your vampires on the street, what would their reaction be? Fear? Attraction? No unique reaction from that of seeing a human?

That is the beauty of my vampires. They have already incorporated (quite literally) themselves into society. You might notice that they are exceptionally good looking, or that the new vampires have the brightest green eyes you've ever seen, but you won't know they are vampires until they show their fangs. The fact that they have a very large and well-known corporation that has a staff consisting only of vampires, will tell you just how easily they can blend in to society. This corporation—Psytech--ends up being the very company that people of the modern world look to for the latest technology. Once the satellites are down, they look again to Psytech for guidance, but it doesn't come. Instead, society will be presented with a most daunting proposition from Psytech.

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