Sunday, December 2, 2012

Questions for the characters of Obsidian?

Hey everyone! Obsidian: Mystic Stones Series #1 is going on tour in January and one of the posts is going to be questions from the readers for any of the characters in the book.

So if you want to ask Ava Tanner  or any other character a question, here is your chance.

A list of the characters (just to refresh your memory):

Ava Tanner (Main Character)
Tom Walker (Antagonist)
Alani Kalei (Ava's Best Friend)
Hiu Kalei (Alani's Brother)
Nalani Kalei (Alani's Grandmother)
Moana Kalei (Alani's Mother)
Jesse Sutton (New love interest for Ava)
Latoria Gray (Friend of Jesse)
Perry Eberly (Friend of Jesse)
Kassidy Marsdon (Friend of Jesse)
Edison Marson (Friend of Jesse)

You can also ask me questions if you haven't read the book yet! So post your questions in the comments section below! The answers will come during the tour on January 24th!