Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Authors of Christmas: Kayla Curry!

It's that last day of 12 Authors of Christmas! That means that tomorrow is Christmas day and also my birthday! I wish you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to those of you who don't celebrate Christmas. Here's a little self-promo for Day 12 of 12 Authors of Christmas!

Kayla Curry


Ava Tanner finds herself in a world without satellite technology in a time of GPS, Smart Phones and Tablets. When she discovers that a corporation headed by vampires with a sinister motive is to blame, her world is turned upside-down. After a narrow escape, she learns a mystical secret about herself that could aide her in her fight against the vampires. Unfortunately, the vampires see her either as a valuable asset or a target for destruction.
When the world is on the brink of complete social and technological devastation, one must ask themselves: Would I give up my blood for the modern ideal way of life, or will I wage war with the overlords of chaos?