Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogger Book Fair is coming!

Hey everyone! Blogger Book Fair is going from February 7th through 10th! Please sign up by December 31st!

The last Blogger Book Fair was held at the end of July and garnered thousands of page views for this blog and other participating blogs. This time, I'm moving the main directory pages to the Blogger Book Fair Blog. This way I'll be able to host some authors on my blog too. The directory pages will give visitors a way to browse by blog, author, and book title. It will also have events posted and links to everything Blogger Book Fair related!

Here are the requirements for each participating blog: Post at least twice during the four day fair and run at least one book related giveaway.

Authors: All I need for now is your name, book titles, up to 3 genres for each book, and a link to your blog if you will be using your own--a request to be paired with a host if you are not.

Bloggers: Send me your name, anything you've already planned (hosting authors/books, or events) Let me know if you are willing to host any authors and if you have a certain genre that you want to lean towards. Let me know if you want to host an event or if you have an idea for an event.

Please visit for more information. To sign up send your info to

We have already surpassed the amount of books that were featured in the last Blogger Book Fair, I hope to get even more signed up.