Thursday, December 13, 2012

How my husband and I are like Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It's no secret that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two of my favorite actors. So back in 2004-2005 when it was announced that they were doing a movie together, and that it was an action movie about assassins--I was ecstatic! Little did I know, I would be entering into a marriage in 2009 that would see some similarities to the movie.

Now, my husband and I did not see the six year slump that they did, nor do we see a therapist. No, the similarities between our marriage and Mr. and Mrs. Smith's marriage begins when Mr and Mrs. Smith find out the other is an assassin.

Now I realize that this blog is for the paranormal, but considering the skills shown on the movie, it borders on paranormal.

Okay so here are some examples of the similarities.

The Smiths are always threatening to kill each other, but in a loving and joking way. My husband and I do the same. He doesn't take out the garbage? "Take out the garbage before I kill you!" I say. I forget to wash his favorite Cabela's hoodie? "I'm going to kill you one of these days," he says. Now worries though. We'd be like the Smiths--unable to pull the trigger.

The Smiths like their weapons. I'm more into knives and my husband is more into guns, but we both go shooting and we both have our knife collection. I throw knives just like Mrs. Smith and it's lots of fun!

Mr. Smith is spontaneous and unorganized and Mrs. Smith is a planner and an organizer. The same goes for my husband and I. Our morning conversation usually goes like this:

Me: What do you want to do today?
Nick: I don't know. Whatever we feel like doing.
Me: Well, should I get ready to go up town?
Nick: I don't know, what do you think?
Me: I don't have anything I need to do. I'm asking if you have anything you want to do today.
Nick: Maybe.

It's like pulling teeth! It drives me crazy and sometimes makes me want to kill him.

Mrs. Smith can't cook. I can kinda cook. Mostly stuff from a box or a packet, but I HATE doing it.

Mr. Smith likes 80's music (Nothin' but A Good Time, by Poison) so does my husband.

We always have each other's back and although one of us might throw a knife into the other's leg, we still love each other very much. (Don't worry, that was from the movie. I didn't throw a knife into my husband's leg. Not yet.)

There are other similarities, but I'll leave you to speculate on those. The point is: I love my husband, but sometimes . . . *makes choking motion with hands*