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The Vampire Myth has Evolved! Guest Post by S. M. Boyce!

Move Over, Edward—the Vampire Myth Has Evolved

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To say that the vampire myth has seen a resurgence in popular culture lately is a painful understatement. It’s gotten to the point where literary agents cringe when they read a query about another “teen vampire paranormal romance.”

Still, that doesn’t make vampires any less awesome. The fangs, the immortality, the dark humans-are-food thing…vampires rock.

But when I wrote the paranormal fantasy Lichgates (Grimoire Trilogy #1), I knew I wanted something different. Vampires had exploded in popularity, but I wanted to do something fresh. Exciting. New.

So I created isen.

Isen are soul stealers. For every soul they steal, they extend their youth and lives by ten years. An isen essentially becomes what they steal—they can take on their victim’s appearance at will, use the victim’s knowledge or skills, and even talk like them. Isen can be anywhere, and they can be anyone.

Of course, there’s a cost. Every stolen soul lives somewhere deep within their mind, trapped and rattling around. The more souls an isen steals, the closer to insanity they get.

If you’re an isen, you have a barb hidden in your right palm. It’s a long, purple thing that extends when you want to steal a soul—and all you have to do is stab your victim’s spine with the barb. Sometimes, your very faint scent that smells something like lavender and pine gives you away. But most of the time, you get your victims.

Being an isen is in your blood—you have to be born an isen. But many born isen don’t know what they are until their teens, when they’re awoken…and awakening is a painful experience. An already-awoken isen has to find you, prick your spine with their soul-stealing barb, and then kill you.

You meet Death: the blood-red guardian of the afterlife. And If you can prove that you have a life left to live, he’ll send you back—as a fully awakened and very powerful isen.

It’s a rough life filled with tragedy, but to some, the unlimited power is worth it.

How about you? Would you want to be an isen? Why or why not? Remember to grab your free copy of Lichgates between December 21 – 23!

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