Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Valentine's Day, I give you a piece of Ruby.

Today I'm posting a little (unedited) excerpt of the upcoming short story Ruby: A Mystic Stones Jewel. Ruby is a companion story to Obsidian and can be read before or after reading Obsidian.

The hopeful release date for Ruby is sometime towards the end of March, but since it's Valentine's Day I wanted to give you a little sneak peak. Ruby focuses on Ava and Tom's interactions before the events of Obsidian and therefore is a bit of a love story.  So, without any more delays, here is the sneak peak:

The metal elevator doors glided open to the luxurious seventeenth floor. Ava stepped out and immediately saw the man she was looking for and by the look on his face, he was happy to see her.
“Ava, what brings you up to the seventeenth floor?” Mr. Walker asked.

“Well, it’s been almost a year since you signed your lease, so I thought I’d bring up the renewal papers since you seem so comfortable up here,” Ava smiled.

“Wonderful! Let’s step into my office, shall we? I’ll sign them right away, otherwise, they’ll get lost on my desk.”

Ava nodded and followed Tom to his office, he stopped short and let her enter first as he placed a gentle hand on the small of her back. He closed the door behind them and gestured at one of the guest chairs while taking the packet of papers from her hands. He took his seat behind his large desk, which was spotless and completely contradictory to what he’d said in the hall. He looked into Ava’s eyes every time he flipped a page and smiled.

“So, since I’m signing papers—”

“Oh, no. Let’s not start that, Mr. Walker. You know I can’t come work for you,” Ava said before he got the question out.

“How did you know?” he grinned.

“You ask me every time we see each other.”

“I wish it were more often. Then maybe I would wear you down.”

“I just don’t think I’d fit in at Psytech and I like where I am now,” Ava replied.

Tom sighed, “I know you do. I just can’t figure out why.”

The pen dragged on the last page of the renewal papers as Tom signed his name with a flourish and stood. He rounded the desk with a predatory look on his face. It was one that Ava had seen on him often. She just couldn’t convince herself it was only the look of a man who wanted her to work for him. To her, it sometimes seemed that he wanted so much more. She took a deep breath as he came close to her. She was about to stand, but he surprised her by sitting in the guest seat next to her.

“I hope that one day you will say yes to me. We could really use you here at Psytech—I could really use you.”

Ava smiled and felt herself blush, “It would be a little strange working in the same building.”

“You’re a treasure, Ava. They would be sad to loose you, but I would make sure that you are happy here.”

“I know you would, but the problem is, I’m happy now. Thank you for the offer, Tom, but I just can’t. I hope you understand.”

“I don’t, but I’ll be respectful of your decision. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t stop asking you,” he said with a sly grin, “but I would never think poorly of you for staying with Herrick-Peyton.”

“Thank you.”

“Let me walk you to the elevator,” he said.

“I’m sure you’re busy—you don’t have to do that.”

“I can take time out of my schedule for you, Ava.”

Ava smiled and let Tom lead her to the elevator. He handed her the papers and smiled again. His hand brushed against hers and although his skin was cold, she felt heat rise in her body. The elevator signaled that it was ready and she stepped inside. Tom’s eyes held hers as the doors closed. She took a deep breath and pressed the ground level button. He had such a strange effect on her.