Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Announcing a new short story series from . . . ME!

Yeah, that's right, I'm doing a little self promo today. Over the weekend I announced the series I'm working on over at John Forster's blog. I decided I better announce it here too in case you missed it.

So, here it goes!

The series will consist of nine short stories. They DO have a paranormal element to them. We'll talk about that a little more below. They are also murder mysteries that take place far into the future.

This world that I envision is futuristic, fast paced and dark. At the center of it is Prism, a homicide detective with a dark past and a cynical outlook on life. She is a rare type of hueman and she's not always easy to be around.

Set in the futuristic mega city, Vibe, the story will follow Prism as she returns to her job as a detective after taking a personal leave. Vibe is a city with millions of people, and Prism can't stand to be in crowds.

You see, this new breed of humans--now called huemans--have all developed the insatiable need to feed on emotions. It all started when humans started generations before when humans started taking pills to level out their moods in order to clear their heads in important situations.

Humans soon began giving birth to babies with strange colored eyes who could not be satisfied with only milk. It took a while, but it was eventually found that the babies needed to feed on an emotion and the emotion was determined by the color of their eyes at birth. In the series, there are nine major emotions that huemans feed on and each emotion is represented by a color. The catch is, that at the age of one, all eye colors change to brown and their emotional needs are hidden.

Since Prism is a "color wheel," meaning she is one of the rare huemans who can feed on any emotion, being near crowds overwhelms her senses. This sensitivity to emotions, is the reason she prefers to work at night, when most people are sleeping. The problem is that all the monsters come out at night.

Take a trip to Vibe. It's the place where emotions have become weapons, currency and livelihood. Coming March 2013 - Volume One: Grey Apathy.

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