Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blogger Book Fair Organizer Choice Awards

Blogger Book Fair Organizer Choice Awards

That’s right, I picked out the best of the best in categories I hand-picked as well. These awards may or may not be biased. These are all in good fun, so please do not take offense!

Longest Title for a Book in the BBF:

 Get This Body in a Barn: A Milkmaid’s Guide to Fitness by Brooklyn James at 11 words long.

Most works entered in the BBF:

 Nathan Squiers with 14 works! That is awesome!

Most Helpful Participants:

S. M. Boyce, Rebecca Hamilton, and Jacob Donley. All three of these awesome people helped me with the overwhelming chaos that ensued after so many signed up. There were other very helpful people as well, but these three went above and beyond.

Best Events:

There were some Amazing events during this BBF, but I have to hand it to Wynne Channing for the Best and Worst of Books and Blogs 2012 Event and Nikki Jefford for all the events that she held including the Books for a Buck Hop.

Most Creative way to Interview Other Authors:

Jason Andrew Bond with his Haiku challenge.

Blog with the most giveaways to enter:

Inspiration for Creation run by Becca J. Campbell. There are tons of speculative fiction giveaways and still time to enter them! Hurry!

Best Contest:

The Snapshot Synopsis Contest Hosted by Fel at the Peasants Revolt.

Best Expert:

Now, most people know that even when writing fiction, you need to do some research. Well, Jade Kerrion has taken her career into her writing. She’s an expert in her field and you’ll be able to see that in the Double Helix Series.

Best Author/Blogger to Incorporate Writing into the BBF:

Thomas Winship challenged the authors to write a flash fiction piece!

Best Blogger to Begin a BBF Tradition:

Sheri at Shut Up and Read has held the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards again!

I wish I could give everyone and award for the great job they did! You all made this event so awesome, and I can’t wait for the next one! Hope to see you there whether you are a reader, a blogger, or an author!