Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Character of the Week! Reginald from Flight of Blue!

Character of the Week



 Books Reginald appears in:
Flight of Blue by A. E. Howard
(and the upcoming books 2 and 3 of the Keeper of the Keys Chronicles)


 8 (that’s middle aged for his species)

Reginald is an Opossum

 Short description of Reginald:
Large male Opossum, Silvery-grey fur, likes to wear vests, pocket watches, and pleated slacks.

 Five words that describe Reginald's personality:
Bristly, humorless, sarcastic, slightly arrogant

 A quote from Reginald:
“Do not touch me! What do you think I am? A mere animal? I am Reginald Long-Tail Jackson Weaver, Sorcerer of the Third Order. And you would... pet me?”