Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Character of the Week! Liliana from The Sin Collector Series!

Character of the Week

Liliana (Last name varies)

Books Liliana appears in:
The Sin Collector Series by Jessica Fortunato


120 years young

Liliana is a Sin-Eater, or simply a Collector

 Short description of Liliana:
Liliana is petite with alabaster skin, jet-black hair and hazel eyes. She has been Collecting for 100 years. Her transportation of choice is her lilac colored sport motorcycle. Since she doesn’t sleep she is very attached to her sitcom families. They help pass the time. She can see auras however, the origin of that power has yet to be discovered.

 Five words that describe Liliana's personality:
Sarcastic, Loving, Intelligent, Brave, Honest

A quote from Liliana:
“Truth was I didn't really want to die today. I was in the middle of a really good book, and being alive had always worked out for me. . ."

Tip for writing realistic characters from Jessica Fortunato:
I suppose the easiest way to create realistic characters is to draw inspiration from the people around you. Every one of my characters has a piece of someone I know in them. Lily's sarcasm is all my own, but the relaxed attitude and self assured nature that came with Thomas was inspired by my brother. Even when it comes to the bad, I think that everyone has had a negative experience to draw from. Even if your characters are supernatural in origin, most of the time they have human emotions, which is something I always want to showcase.

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