Monday, May 6, 2013

Tiger Dynasty Publishing - Are you ready to roar?

Are you looking to publish your work? Well, there's a new publisher in town, and that's Tiger Dynasty Publishing. I asked one of the owners to tell us a little about the company. His name is Nathan Squiers and he'll tell you what Tiger Dynasty is all about.

Well, for starters I, Megan J. Parker, and our partner, Kristina Gehring, founded Tiger Dynasty Publishing because we wanted to provide both authors/artists and the public with a quality source for what they were looking for. We don't operate in an exclusive genre because the company was founded by a trio that, in some way or another, embraces all forms of literature. These are the branches of TDP and what they encompass:
➢ “Bobcat Press” – Young Adult & children’s
➢ “Cheetah-Print Press” – Erotica
➢ “Jagged Jaguar Comics” – Comic books
➢ “Lions’ Pride Press” – Romance
➢ “Lurid Leopard Press” – Adult fiction (fantasy, supernatural/paranormal, (dark) urban fantasy, occult, mystery, horror/thriller)
➢ “Lynx’s Paradox Press” – Non-fiction/poetry
➢ “Panther Nebula Press” – Sci-fi
➢ “Serval’s Secrets Press” – Spirituality/occult

We are not a vanity press nor do we charge our authors/artists for any of the publication process (with the exception of outside expenses that they personally choose to incorporate into their work). We cover editing, formatting, marketing/promotions (authors are, of course, encouraged to do what they can to self-promote, as well, but we don't force them to travel that road alone), as well as costs associated with publishing (ISBNs and whatnot).

We are currently open to submissions and signing new authors/pieces, so our list of future releases is limited to what I and the staff are currently releasing/re-releasing:

  • Books #1 & #2, "Noir" and "Sins of the Father", of the Crimson Shadow series by me (re-releases). Limited Edition pre-orders are available HERE (a Limited Edition copy includes exclusive cover art, several short stories/prequels tied to the novel, the novel itself, and never-before-seen notes/research that I used when writing the original work), and all pre-ordered copies will be autographed. The Limited Edition copies will be out in June and the official re-releases will be out later in the summer.
  • "Curtain Call: A Death Metal Novel" (book #1 of the series) by me.
  • "Scarlet Night" (a re-release of book #1 of the trilogy by Megan J. Parker).
  • "Crimson Rose" (first book in the series by Gabrielle Franchetti).

We also have some poetry collections, anthologies, and non-fiction books coming out in the future.

Information (as well as submission guidelines) can be found at Tiger Dynasty's website.