Thursday, March 28, 2013

You've read paranormal fiction, but have you watched paranormal non-fiction?

I have something really exciting planned for you today! This week, I interviewed the founder of a team of paranormal investigators that are based in my home state, Nebraska!

T.R.I.P., short for Tri-City Research and Investigation of the Paranormal, is a team from Hastings, Nebraska who have traveled all around the state to investigate strange happenings and tales of ghosts.

I've visted their website many times, and I've found that this team remains very professional and truthful. Nothing is staged and everything is real. At the end of each video you'll either see that they have declared the investigation site haunted, or declare that they were unable to gather sufficient evidence of a haunting and must return to the site at a later date to try to gather more evidence.

Here are my questions, and the answers from the founder, Nate Raterman:

[Me] First, can you tell us a little about your team and what you do?

[Nate] Well to start off, I'm Nate Raterman and I'm the founder of our team, Tri-City Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (T.R.I.P.) We started back in 2009 in Hastings, NE. We are a team of paranormal researchers that conduct paranormal investigations for free to educate the community by providing truthful facts and evidence to our clients and the public.

[Me] So, what kind of equipment do you use?

[Nate] We have lots of equipment that we use such as a DVR system with 8 IR Cams for darkness, KII meters, Audio recorders, Video cameras, Digital cameras, Laser grids, EMF meters and much more!

[Me] What are the most common types of evidence of activity?

[Nate] Intelligent haunting, they interact by: opening a door, footsteps, voices, things being moved.

[Me] How long do you spend at an investigation site on average?

[Nate] 7 to 10 hrs

[Me] What goes though your mind as you investigate these places?

[Nate] To keep an open mind and see if anything can be disproved.

[Me] If you were offered your own television show on a major network channel, would you do it? Why or why not?

[Nate] Yes, I would under TRIP guide lines. TV shows like to fake some things and the only way we would ever go on TV would be if it's done by providing truthful facts and evidence to the viewers.

[Me] So, what got you started in paranormal investigations?

[Nate] I had a paranormal experience years ago, I was living in a old home and seen a figure and since then I have been wanting to find out more and to show everyone else.

[Me] In all of your experiences, which one has shown you the most compelling evidence that the paranormal exists?

[Nate] Well there are many that we have been on that have shown compelling evidence but the main one would be the Arrow Hotel in Broken Bow NE We got a figure on film and many personal experiences such as seeing shadow figures and things being moved etc.

Check out the video from the Arrow Hotel in Broken Bow, Nebraska:

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