Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cover Reveal! Falling Leaves: The Book of Life by Kayla Curry

Okay, I decided that since I'm doing cover reveals this week, I might as well reveal the cover for my upcoming short story, Falling Leaves: The Book of Life.

This is the second short story in a three story series. The first is called Falling Leaves and is available on Amazon right now.

Here is the cover:


Here is the blurb:

When Thia decides to stay on the island that is home to the oldest and most important tree on earth, she also chooses Olivier for her companion. The pair face a difficult situation when the tree contracts an illness and puts all the plant life on earth in danger. Will they save the tree from the brink of death and save the world by doing so?

To be released very soon!

And, just in case you haven't picked up Falling Leaves yet, here is the cover and blurb for it:

A woman finds a special leaf that leads her to a magical and mysterious place. Will she believe what she sees when she finally gets there? Will she decide to stay?