Sunday, July 1, 2012

Way off subject . . .

This post has nothing to do with the paranormal, but I just needed somewhere to rant.

Last week I heard a guest at the hotel I work at say something about a ban in New York on large soda drinks. I discarded it as some crazy comment made by some crazy guest. Today, I was lurking on and found this article:

They seriously want to ban large soda drinks? I thought this was America? The land of the free? You know, where people are supposed to have the freedom to choose how much soda they want.

I realize they think that this will help with the obesity rate, but unfortunately, unless they just outlaw soda, that won't happen. If people want to drink a soda, they will drink a soda. If they can't get the 64 ounce soda they crave, they'll just buy two 32 ounce sodas. Problem solved.

My thinking is that this will just make restaurants and gas stations go through more plastic/styrofoam/paper cups and therefore add tons of plastic/styrofoam/paper cups to landfills.

So let's recap. The mayor wants to add to the pollution strain the earth is already under, just to maybe save a few people from drinking too much of a sugary beverage. MAYBE!

I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper. I'll admit it. Since I'm pregnant I limit myself to two, sometimes three cans a day. (Which is well under the pregnancy caffeine limit) When I'm not pregnant, I will drink as much of that stuff as I want. Now, if I finish a can/glass of Dr. Pepper and I want more, what's to stop me from just getting up and walking to the fridge for more?

In my opinion, outlawing large cups will only lead to people carrying around a 2 liter bottle. This ban will not put a dent in obesity, let alone get rid of it.

Patrons of eating establishments will buy their 16 ounce beverage, drink it, and either get a refill or buy another one. What is the eating establishment going to say? "Sorry, you're cut off." I don't think so. They aren't going to turn away another $1.50 in their pockets.

If they decide to put a limit on how many you can buy, why not put a limit on how many cheeseburgers one can buy? Or how many fries they can eat?

Obesity is a problem. Yes, I know, but the people affected by this disorder need to want to change. They can't have it forced upon them in some silly attempt by the government to act like they care.