Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blogger Book Fair Update!

Alright! If my counting is correct, we now have 42 authors and 75 books in the first ever Blogger Book Fair! Tons of genres are being represented and there will be lots of giveaways, specials, and even some books going for absolutely free during the event.

The place to be from July 26th through July 29th is right here on Paranormal Lounge! From here I will direct you to over 20 Blog Booths that are running giveaways galore and showing off books and their authors! A lot of books will be going on sale for the fair--some available for as low as $0.99!

If you are an author, sorry, entries for the fair are closed, but I will be throwing another one if this one goes well!  Stay tuned to find out more about that!  With so many authors participating and the Fair only a little over two weeks away, I have to focus on the authors who have already entered.

Also running during the fair is the Reader's Choice Awards. This is where anyone can vote on their favorite book in a genre category.  All participating authors have been entered in at least one category, provided their work had already been published, and each category has at least 3 books and two authors competing.  The winning author/book in each category will receive a web badge and will be featured on the new Blogger Book Fair site once it's up and running. The voting goes throughout the fair and will be held at the blog Shut Up and Read run by Sheri.