Thursday, May 3, 2012

Character Bio

Today, I'd like to give you a little look at one of my protagonists.

The character I’d like to introduce you to is Ava Tanner.   She is the main character in my novel, Obsidian, which is book one of the Mystic Stones Series and will be released later this year.  I will tell you about her as if it is the day before Obsidian begins.

She has long dark hair, blue eyes, and a secret about herself that even she doesn’t know.  She lives in Hilo, Hawaii--on the Big Island.  She lives in the house her parents left her, which is near the beach in Hilo and drives a blue Mini Cooper. 

She works for a company named Herrick-Peyton.  She takes pride in her work and does everything she can to help out her clients--especially the really good looking one that runs the Hawaiian branch of Psytech.  He’s always asking her to work for him at his company, but she declines saying that she is loyal to Herrick-Peyton.

Ava likes to sing, or at least she used to sing with her mother when she was still alive.  One of her hobbies is throwing knives, although she hasn’t had much time to do it recently.

She’s not dating anyone, although her best friends’ brother is very into her.  Unfortunately, she sees him more as a brother than as a love interest.  Ava's has no relatives, but considers her best friend, Alani and Alani's brother and grandmother to be part of her family.

Find out the secret of Ava’s ancestry in Obsidian--Coming Soon!