Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Review: Morbid Seraphic (Anthology)

The Book:

Title:  Morbid Seraphic

Editor:  S.K. Whiteside

Authors:  S.K. Whiteside, Nathan Squiers, KaSonndra Leigh, Amanda R. Browning, Stephen Pearl, Dominique Goodall, Jana Boskey and Lisa Goldman

Publisher:  Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing

Released:  May 1, 2012

Anthology Info: 

This is an anthology of nine different short stories from eight different authors.  Stories included are “Fallen from Grace” and “Haunted” by S.K. Whiteside, “S(a)TAN” by Nathan Squiers, “Assassin’s Rose” by KaSonndra Leigh, “The Demon’s Playground” by Amanda R. Browning, “Better the Devil You Know” by Stephen B. Pearl, “From Hell” by Dominique Goodall, “For Death” by Jana Boskey, and “Illusions” by Lisa Goldman.

The Review:

The anthology as a whole is very comprehensive and put together well.  The stories balance each other out very nicely.  Morbid Seraphic is all about Good and Evil and the balance between the two.  I felt that the balance was perfect in the anthology with both sides being represented equally.

Individual Reviews:

“Fallen from Grace” and “Haunted” by S.K. Whiteside:

“Fallen from Grace” and “Haunted” acted as the bookends in this anthology.  The stories feature the same main character and story which is why I am reviewing them together.  They are the story of a Guardian Angel who gives up everything for the love of his life only to lose her as well.  His revenge consumes him as he takes on a new role.  I found the stories to be interesting and unique.  These will make a good series from this author.

“S(a)TAN” by Nathan Squiers:

In “S(a)TAN” we witness the transition of someone who is “good” becoming “evil.”  Stan is a well-developed character and the story is intriguing and new.  I also felt that the story was well written and flowed nicely.

“Assassin’s Rose” by KaSonndra Leigh:

Another short story that would be great as a series, “Assassin’s Rose” is unique and has a great story line with a cast of characters that would be able to support a full length novel.  I really hope to see a series or possibly a full length novel based on this story of a warrior betrayed by friends, and how the warrior gets past the betrayal to become whole again.

“The Demon’s Playground” by Amanda R. Browning:

This story is quite interesting as a paranormal twist on a true story.  Taking place in New Orleans and from the POV of the antagonist, Rhage, we see a dark and disturbing line of events.  The story will stay with you and possibly give you nightmares.  I could definitely see it as a horror movie.

“Better the Devil You Know” by Stephen B. Pearl:

“Better the Devil You Know” blurs the lines between good and evil and tells us that things aren’t always black and white and they are never as they seem.  This story could also turn into a series or a full length novel featuring the adventures of the Wizard Cop, Rick Alistair and his encounters with magical creatures, good and bad.  It a modern “Law & Order” story with a paranormal twist!

“From Hell” by Dominique Goodall:

Not all gifts should be accepted, especially when they are “From Hell”.  This short story is about how you are never on the same side as evil.  It shows the reader a look at a greedy woman who takes the place of her priestess in a sacrifice ritual.  She thinks she has pleased the Devil with her actions, but she learns that evil does not show kindness even to those who are loyal servants.  It’s a good short story that will scare you straight.

“For Death” by Jana Boskey:

This story stands out from the others as it is a look at good and evil from the Greek Mythology POV.  The story is about how evil is not always as it seems and that good lurks in unexpected places.  “For Death” is a good Greek Mythology inspired short story.

“Illusions” by Lisa Goldman:

“Illusions” is the perfect name for this short story that deceives the reader.  There is also an important message in the story that the author does a great job of weaving throughout this seemingly simple teenage tragedy.  The characters are amazing and I would like to read more about Hannah if the author writes more stories in her POV.  “Illusions” is quite possibly my favorite of all the stories in the anthology.

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