Sunday, January 6, 2013

Obsidian Blog Tour Opening Post!

This is opening post #1 for the Obsidian Blog Tour. Below you'll find the schedule for the tour. Be sure to return tomorrow for an excerpt that has never been posted online before. For now, here is the tour schedule:

First Here is the Giveaway. Once you enter scroll down to the schedule to see what fun stuff is going on!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 7th Paranormal Lounge – Opening Post/ Excerpt/Twitter Party

January 8th Rebecca Hamilton – Meet Ava Tanner!

January 9th S. M. Boyce – Meet Tom Walker!

January 10th Jen McConnel – Tour the Set: Hawaii

January 11th Natasha – Psytech Orientation Video

January 14th David J. Kirk – Meet Hiu Kalei!

January 15th A. D. Trosper – Meet Nalani and Moana

January 16th Tom Winship – Introduction to Being a Vampire of the Mystic Stones Series

January 17th CJ Listro – Meet Jesse Sutton

January 18th Rachel McClellan – Review of Obsidian and short interview.

January 21st Nikki Jefford – Meet Alani Kalei!

January 22nd Fel Wetzig – Vampire Hierarchy of the Mystic Stones Series

January 23rd Laurie – Spoiler Alert! Discussing the Paranormals!

January 24th Alyson LaBarge – Obsidian in Numbers--An infographic!

January 25th Mystic Stones Series – Closing Post


  1. I am a Vampire lover every since I was a little girl. My favorite TV show right now is Vampire Daries, fav movie Blade II, fav book Blood Rights by Kristen Painter.

  2. Can you imagine a "walk on" in the book? Dream come true!

    1. I'm glad to hear someone is excited about that! I was hesitant to add those prizes, but it's good to hear that someone is excited about that! Thank you!

  3. As soon as I'm done posting here, I'm going to grab a bowl of ice cream and watch Vampire Diaries where I'll pretend I'm Elena and Damon loves me. :)

  4. I'm quite fond of vampire related books (since I'm a fan of Twilight) and well, to say that I'm excited to read this book would be an understatement. And oh, "a walk on" in the book? How cool is that?! Awesome! :)

  5. Vampires are some of my favorite characters in my books and other books too! Thanks for posting Rachel and Alyssa

  6. I really like paranormal themes, vampires being one of my favorites.
    The prizes look amazing =)

    Good luck to all who are participating!
    Best Wishes Kayla!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Good luck to you and the rest of the participants! THe mystery prize will be announced tomorrow in the closing post on the Mystic Stones Series blog, The post goes live at midnight!

  7. Wow, this is excellent! I like all paranormal and vampires themes. Hope I am a winner! Thank You so much!